Clubstyle-X – Drum and FX Sounds – Bass and Lead Samples

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450+ samples for harder club music styles like hardstyle, hardtechno, hardtrance, gabber etc. Clubstyle-X offers you fat drum sounds, FX sounds, bass sounds and lead samples in SF2 format.


www.vipzone-samples.comCLUBSTYLE-X from Soundbrezze

Samples for harder genres

This sample pack is aimed at producers of harder genres and has a lot to offer besides drum and FX sounds. Whether Hardstyle, Hardtechno, Hardtrance, Gabber, Hardtekk or Co. these samples offer exactly the right sound for all friends of the harder gear.

Included are the following samples.

Pack Content:

  1. 16 lead multisamples in SF2 format
  2. over 250 club drum sounds (kicks, claps, hihats, cymbals, snares)
  3. 66 one-shot bass sounds in WAV format
  4. 48 FX sounds in WAV format
  5. 55 one-shot club and hardstyle sounds

Over 450 files in total

Drum and FX sounds for a solid and hard base

In this pack 250 club drum sounds as well as 48 FX sounds are waiting for your use. No matter what drum sounds you need, it’s all here. Kicks, claps, cymbals, snares. And matching FX sounds you will also find in this sample pack.

Furthermore there are also 55 one-shot club and hardstyle sounds, your hookline will be happy.

Lead and bass samples for hard melodies and hooklines

After a stable and hard base is provided, it goes to bass and the lead sound. In this sample pack you will find 66 one shot bass sounds in WAV format, as well as 16 lead synth multisamples in SF2 format.

All in all, you have everything in this pack to produce complete and hard tracks. Give your hardstyle, hardtechno, hardtrance, gabber, hardtek and what ever productions what they need. And that’s hard samples…

You need more than just one shots, drum or FX sounds?

If you need more jump-starts, we have just the right thing for you here too. Especially for harder or hardstyle productions we have e.g. a Hardstyle Midi Pack, where you can find many midis and hardstyle leads. Ready-made and highly professional loops can be found in our Hardstyle Samples series “Harstyle Looperz”. And more One Shots, like fat and official Hardstyle Kicks can be found in our Hardstyle Sample Pack “Hardstyle Pro Samples”.

Limited Time Offer!

Over 520 Sounds including Basses, Leads and Pads plus Bonus wav Samples!


Additional information

Product Features


SF2 Soundfont, WAV Wave


Gabber, Hardstyle, Techno, Trance


Multisamples, One Shots

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