Electro Synths Midi Samples

47 Electro synth midi files and 114 Electro synth wav files.

By purchasing the product, the buyer is granted a non-exclusive license and can use the midi- and wav-files royalty free for commercial music productions.

The perfect tool if you are looking for synth sequences for your Electro tracks.

Sample Pack Content

Electro Synths Midi Samples

  • 47 Electro synth midi files
  • 114 Electro synth wav files (47 different synth-sequences, recorded in different versions)
  • Format: MIDI + WAV
  • Total size of pack: 265 MB
  • Loop Tempo: 129 BPM

This is the ultimate seasoning you will only come across on the net, the Electro Synths pack is a one of a kind VIPZONE samples with its ability to add dynamic creativity in music production. The new Electro sound samples package has been highly successful and its impact has been experienced across the club scene with club music being taken by a synths storm.

Electro Midi and WAV Samples

Producers have unlimited opportunities for transforming electro sound production with just a little bit of sprinkling of synths from the samples pack introduced from the house of VIPZONE SAMPLES. Producers can look forward to astronomical success in their commercial music productions with the synth compiles pack integrated with a perfect combination of Midi + Wav format. The WAV and Midi files contribute perfect synth sequences for electro tracks in this sample pack with synths being organized in 114 WAV and 47 Midi files.

Great Synth Loops for your Electro Productions

If you like to experiment with perfect and unique Electro loops, this is the sample pack that you have to try out with its exclusive synth sequences recorded to varying and dynamic versions.

If you are an aspiring producer with the correct combination of wit and speed to spot a good opportunity here is your best chance to revolutionize your next musical production with a mix of electrifying WAV and Midi files to help you achieve quality synth sequences with every track. The samples contain a collection of 265 MB loops to add to your overall benefit. WAV files are specially designed to derive maximum eminence for all track productions. The Midi formats is your path to making your online presence felt so that the world of musical lovers can see your prowess as a creative music producer.

This unique loop sounds samples offer an opportunity to go professional with Electro sounds and the wide variety of loops and synths collection provides multiple production possibilities. For fantastic sound combinations of leads, hooks and synths you will not come across better samples than this. It gives you the upper hand in creating breathtaking riffs that will take you miles ahead in the competition. Unleash the power of synths with the Electro synth samples collection only available from VIPZONE SAMPLES.