What Genre is Zedd

What Genre is Zedd? The Zedd Musical Manifesto

If you’ve ever tapped your foot to the beat of an irresistible EDM track at a party, you’ve probably gotten a taste of Zedd’s magic.

What is Zedd?

Zedd, or Anton Zaslavski as he’s officially known, is a Grammy Award-winning artist who has managed to charm the music world with his electro-infused tracks. Born in Russia and raised in Germany, his journey from playing the piano to spinning DJ sets is nothing short of remarkable.

Genre of Zedd’s Music

Our musical maestro Zedd has a way of bending genres to his will. While most would classify his sound as Electronic Dance Music (EDM), he’s just as much at ease producing pop, electro house and progressive house. His tunes are like chameleons, constantly adapting to today’s musical landscape.

Early Musical Background

Growing up in a family of musicians, Zedd’s future seemed almost predestined. He picked up the piano at the tender age of 4, and was drumming away joyously by the time he was twelve. His early encounters with music were often with classical tunes and jazz.

Zedd’s Classical Beginnings

As he plunged deeper into the music world, Zedd honed his skills as a classical pianist. He absorbed every note and rhythm, unknowingly laying the foundation for his future musical adventures. At 12, his drums transformed his classical melodies into something a bit more rebellious, nudging him into the world of rock and heavy metal.

Transition to Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Like a young Jedi discovering ‘the force,’ Zedd stumbled upon the world of electronic music when he heard renegade French-electro duo, Justice. His fascination quickly turned into passion. Goodbye piano, hello turntables!

People Looking at the Stage at an EDM Festival

Professional Career and Albums

Building on his early successes, Zedd moved into the professional realm with a bang. He dropped his debut single, “The Anthem” in 2010, which took the electro-house charts by storm.

Debut Album Clarity

In 2012, his album ‘Clarity’ oozed confidence and musical prowess beyond his years. The title track “Clarity,” featuring foxes, even won a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2014. Zedd had announced his arrival.

True Colors and Other Releases

Fast forward to 2015, and Zedd releases his sophomore album ‘True Colors’. Tracks like “Beautiful Now” and “I Want You To Know” showcase his growth as a musician. His knack for producing hits proved relentless as he continued to churn out album after album.

Official Remixes and Remix Contests

Our man of the hour isn’t just about original music though. Zedd has a knack for adding a fresh spin to existing tracks. He’s commercially remixed tracks like Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Marry the Night.’ He’s also nurtured upcoming talent through remix contests for his own songs like “The Middle.”

YearAlbum/SingleNotable TracksAccolades
2010“The Anthem” (Single)
2012Clarity (Album)“Clarity” (feat. Foxes)Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording (2014)
2015True Colors (Album)“Beautiful Now,” “I Want You To Know”
2019“The Middle” (Single)Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/Electronic Song (2019)
2021“Wolves” (with Marshmello feat. Selena Gomez)

Zedd’s collaborations read like a who’s-who of the music industry. From Paramore’s Hayley Williams to pop sweetheart Ariana Grande, Zedd knows just how to bring out the best in his fellow artists.

Hit Single “Clarity” ft. Foxes

“Clarity” isn’t just a song. It’s an anthem. Featuring the sweet vocal stylings of Foxes, this number is a rush of love, anguish, and pure dance-ability. It’s the sort of song you blast in your car as you drive down an open road, screaming out the lyrics.

“Stay The Night” ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore

Teaming up with the punk-pop queen, Hayley Williams, “Stay the Night” is a power-packed number which makes you want to do just that—dance through the night.

“Break Free” ft. Ariana Grande

For those who worship at the altar of pop, “Break Free” is a gem. Ariana’s soaring vocals, coupled with Zedd’s pumping beats, forms an earworm that’s hard to dislodge.

Album Singles with Shawn Mendes, Hailee Steinfeld, and Others

Zedd’s golden touch extends to collaborations with pop wunderkinds like Shawn Mendes and Hailee Steinfeld. Tracks like “Stitches” and “Starving” bear testament to that.

YearSingle/CollaborationCollaborating Artist(s)Notable TracksAchievements/Awards
2012“Clarity”Foxes“Clarity”Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording (2014)
2013“Stay The Night”Hayley Williams“Stay The Night”
2014“Break Free”Ariana Grande“Break Free”
2015“I Want You To Know”Selena Gomez“I Want You To Know”
2017“Stay”Alessia Cara“Stay”Billboard Music Award for Top Dance/Electronic Song (2018)
2018“Lost In Japan” RemixShawn Mendes“Lost In Japan” (Remix)
2019“Good Thing”Kehlani“Good Thing”
2020“Funny”Jasmine Thompson“Funny”
2021“Inside Out”Griff“Inside Out”

Recent Single with Marshmello “Wolves”

Cold and icy, like a winter’s day, “Wolves” is the musical equivalent of comfort food. With Marshmello’s smooth production and Selena Gomez’s soulful vocals, this track is the full package.

Now that’s what I call a musical rollercoaster ride, right? From his roots in classical beginnings to his domination of the EDM and pop charts today, Zedd’s genre is, simply put, Zedd. His music is a testament to his diverse musical background and an affirmation of his skills to blend musical styles seamlessly. A genre unto himself, that’s Zedd for you!

Zedd’s Record Labels

Throughout his career, Zedd has been associated with several influential record labels, each contributing significantly to his musical journey. He signed with Interscope Records, a major player in the music industry known for fostering diverse and successful artists across various genres.

Additionally, Zedd’s collaboration with OWSLA, the record label founded by electronic music icon Skrillex, provided a platform for him to further explore and refine his unique sound. OWSLA’s focus on innovative and boundary-pushing music aligned well with Zedd’s experimental approach.

Furthermore, Zedd’s connection with Dim Mak Records, spearheaded by renowned DJ and producer Steve Aoki, also played a role in his career. Dim Mak Records, recognized for promoting electronic and dance music, added another dimension to Zedd’s artistic development.

These partnerships with Interscope Records, OWSLA, and Dim Mak Records have allowed Zedd to showcase his versatility and musical ingenuity while reaching wider audiences and solidifying his position as a trailblazing artist in the electronic music scene.

Record LabelDescription
Interscope RecordsA major label known for fostering diverse and successful artists across various genres, providing Zedd with a significant platform for his music.
OWSLAFounded by Skrillex, this label focuses on innovative and boundary-pushing music, aligning well with Zedd’s experimental approach to electronic music.
Dim Mak RecordsSpearheaded by Steve Aoki, this label specializes in electronic and dance music, contributing to Zedd’s artistic development and musical diversity.

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And that’s the fantastic journey through Zedd’s musical universe! From Grammy-winning hits like “Clarity” to energetic collaborations with renowned artists, Zedd’s genre is simply… Zedd! His ability to blend genres effortlessly and craft chart-topping tracks showcases his musical brilliance. With each song, he continues to redefine what it means to create music that’s both captivating and boundary-breaking. Keep dancing to the beats of Zedd’s unique sound!


What is Zedd’s real name, and where is he from?

Zedd’s real name is Anton Zaslavski, and he was born in Russia. However, he was raised in Germany, where he developed his passion for music and embarked on his remarkable musical journey.

Which genres does Zedd primarily explore in his music?

Zedd is known for his versatility in blending various genres, including Electronic Dance Music (EDM), pop, electro house, and progressive house. His music effortlessly transcends boundaries, creating a unique and eclectic sound.

What are some of Zedd’s notable achievements in the music industry?

Zedd has received acclaim for his music, winning a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2014 for his track “Clarity” featuring Foxes. He has also collaborated with numerous top-tier artists, earning accolades and topping charts.

Which famous artists has Zedd collaborated with in his career?

Zedd has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Ariana Grande, Hayley Williams of Paramore, Selena Gomez, Shawn Mendes, and Alessia Cara, among others, showcasing his ability to work across various music genres.

What makes Zedd’s music unique?

Zedd’s music stands out due to its blend of genres and his knack for crafting infectious melodies. His ability to fuse elements from different musical styles while maintaining his distinct sound creates an unmatched musical experience, making his work instantly recognizable and captivating.