Silver Melodies - Midi Melodies

Silver Melodies – Midi Melodies

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The MIDI melody and chords pack!

If you need MIDI melodies and hooklines to inspire your next project, you’ve come to the right place! And not only MIDI, but WAV loops too! The perfect starting point for your future tracks, you can expect club-ready melodies and chords in this pack. With standard format MIDI files, multi-tempo WAV loops and some bonus content, all your bases are covered.

MIDI goes straight to the club!

By our calculations, there is enough MIDI content in this pack to make six entire albums, without repeating anything! A folder of 65 catchy MIDI melodies awaits you, ready to go right out of the box (or folder). These melodies cover multiple club genres – dance, hands up, trance and so on. The MIDI files are in standard format so it will be easy for you to edit, layer, stretch and do whatever you want to them. All 65 melodies are made by DJ Silver, but that is not all! Extra 35 melodies by Janardana are also included as a bonus, in case an extra layer of inspiration is needed.

Loops for layers and bangers!

Besides MIDI lines, you also get a folder full of WAV loops! Inside it, 65 different melody loops await, plus a few more variations. To save you some extra work, the loops are in three different tempos – 138, 140 and 143 BPM (and clearly labeled which is which, don’t worry). That brings the total to around 200 loops! The files are in high quality WAV format, meaning they are lossless and readable by any modern software. With these melody loops and the MIDIs together, all you need to do to start producing your next track is to put your hand on your mouse!

A tip to save money: These Midi Melodies are also available in our big Midi Pack Bundle.

Quick tip: You can use our ready-made midi files and import them into your DAW. If you want to record your own midi melodies and need tips on how to get started, here is an article on how to make midi files. Also, don’t miss our how to use a midi keyboard guide to dive even deeper into midi.

Please also have a look at our Midi Magic Midi Pack for even more midi melodies.


What do I get in this pack?

65 club melodies by DJ Silver as high quality WAV loops in three different tempos (138, 140 and 143 BPM) and 100 MIDI melody files by DJ SIlver and Janardana

Do I need any special software to use this pack?

No, all MIDI and WAV files inside this pack are in standard format, meaning that any modern DAW or synth can use them without any problems!

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Silver Melodies Midi Melodies