Roxx the Club Vol. 1- Dance Midi Pack

Roxx the Club Vol. 1 – Dance Midi Pack

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The essential dance pack!

Sometimes bringing the energy to the dancefloor takes just one sample pack! The first in the successful Roxx the Club pack series, this pack delivers the dance goodies! And by goodies we mean complete dance songs, with arpeggiated riffs, basslines and audio samples! All club melodies have been made by DJ Roxx.

Complete songs, but in MIDI!

With the awesome MIDI lines from this pack, you can keep using your favorite synth plugin and simply update the melodies! The MIDI files contain two tracks each – basslines and fast arpeggiated riffs. When loaded and used together, these files will be harmonically matched, giving you 50 possible ready-to-go MIDI songs in this pack! Of course, you can also use one of the lines instead of both, or try to find matching lines that don’t belong to the same pair. The MIDI files are in standard format so they are fully editable, compatible with any DAW or synth and not fixed in tempo… or with a few drags of the mouse, also not fixed in key!

Pure hardware audio loops!

Each of the lines was fed into ten different hardware instruments (not VSTs) to give you a whopping 500 audio loops in this pack! That means you will have ten different sounding variations of the same MIDI song to choose from, only when it comes to audio loops! You can layer and combine different takes (since they are all synced) and you can also combine them with the MIDI files. Use the MIDI files to feed your favorite synths, use the audio samples to add layers and dynamics to them, and you have an awesome sounding track ready to go! The audio files are also appropriately named, so you will know how they sound even before importing them.

A tip to save money: This Dance Midi Pack is also available in our big Midi Pack Bundle.

Quick tip: You can use our ready-made midi files and import them into your DAW. If you want to record your own midi melodies and need tips on how to get started, here is an article on how to make midi files. Also, don’t miss our how to use a midi keyboard guide to dive even deeper into midi.

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What do I get in this pack?

50 MIDI melodies (bassline + fast arpeggiated riff in each) and 500 high quality Mp3 audio loops.

Is there a way to import just one of the lines from the MIDI file?

Yes, your DAW will “see” two files inside, and you just need to drag and drop the one you want.

How can I get this pack?

Very easy! Right here at this link: Dance Midi Pack