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Expert mixing and mastering engineer, Varti Deuchoghlian, generously imparts his knowledge to guide you in the art of composing and producing a captivating downtempo track. With Varti’s expertise as an educator, he simplifies the production process, enabling you to channel your energy into crafting a remarkable piece of music rather than getting caught up in unnecessary technicalities.

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Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Understand how chords are built
  • Learn how to fine-tune a synth to suit the needs of your track.
  • Creating a tight kick that fits the track
  • Not overcrowding your production with too many layers
  • Composing a good lead melody
  • How to layer instruments properly
  • How to level properly
  • Proper mixing and mastering techniques

About Your Instructor

Varti, an electronic music producer and expert in mixing/mastering engineering, has extensive experience touring the Asian market and releasing music that has received support from renowned artists like Above & Beyond, Lee Burridge, and Hernan Cataneo. His exceptional talent has garnered attention from prestigious publications such as Billboard, DJ Mag, Mix Mag,, and Dancing Astronauts. Furthermore, his music has been featured in various media outlets including DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, MTV, and Givenchy.

Varti’s remarkable compositions have also been remixed by underground talents such as Facundo Mohrr, Mathias Meyer, and Martin Roth. Drawing from his experience teaching music production at a collegiate level, he now dedicates himself to providing personalized instruction through an immersive one-on-one production mentorship program.

Tutorials In This Course

Module 1 – Chords Progression and Theory
Module 2 – Designing the Bass
Module 3 – Crafting the Kick
Module 4 – Layering the HH, Clap & Percs
Module 5 – Composing the Plucks
Module 6 – Writing the Lead
Module 7 – 1-5-3-7 Layering Technique
Module 8 – Leveling Technique
Module 9 – Mixing and Advance Signal Processing
Module 10 – Mastering the Track


Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

Ableton Live 11
Ableton Native plugins (EQ, Compressor, Multiband Dynamics, Utility, etc..)
Kick 2
Analog Brass
Ozone 9 + Tonal Balance Control