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In this course taught by Joe Ford, a prominent figure in the drum and bass genre, you will gain knowledge on how to craft impactful percussion and powerful basslines through advanced sound design techniques. Joe will share the methods he utilizes to create his distinctive drum and bass sounds. Upon completion of this course, you will possess all the necessary tools to produce a contemporary and exhilarating drum and bass track. To commemorate the launch of the course, we conducted an interview with Joe to delve into his background and artistic influences.

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Results You Can Expect From This Course

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

  • Step up your sound design skills by learning simple yet effective techniques professionals use to create mind-boggling sounds
  • Create punchy kicks that will get you the perfect backbone for a solid, smashing drum and bass track
  • Design your own reese and wobble bass sounds for a striking low end using techniques like filtering, EQ, compression and adding interesting FX
  • Add color and dynamics to your tracks by creating compelling drum and bass drops- guaranteed to blow your audience’s minds
  • Design impressive snare sounds from scratch by employing advanced snare synthesis techniques
  • Develop a professional sound by learning how to mix and master your tracks to professional modern standards

About Your Instructor

Joe Ford is a man with a clear objective, ready to disrupt the world of D&B and more with his distinctive style of bass music that is destined to get people moving on dance floors around the world. Originating from Harrogate, UK, Joe is leading a new generation of producers who are making a massive impact on the scene. He stands out from the crowd with his incredibly accomplished studio skills and a signature drum & bass sound that incorporates elements of rock, funk, and everything in between.

With a flurry of activity surrounding his early releases on Bad Taste and Med School, not to mention his Mission EP reaching the number one spot on the Beatport dubstep chart and receiving tremendous support from UKF, Joe Ford is undeniably one of the most thrilling talents in the electronic music world today. Recognized by Friction and K-Tee, Joe now proudly represents Shogun Audio as an exclusive artist, joining the ranks of the industry’s most esteemed lineup.

Throughout his professional journey, he has unveiled his creations on renowned record labels that are widely acknowledged as leaders in their respective genres. Joe’s initial release on Shogun Audio soared to the top spot on Beatport’s drum and bass chart, catapulting his career to new heights. Since then, he has embarked on a hectic schedule as a DJ, traveling across the globe year after year.

Tutorials In This Course

  • Module 1: Kick design
  • Module 1: Snare design
  • Module 1: Hats and percussion design
  • Module 2: Wob bass synthesis
  • Module 2: Rees bass synthesis
  • Module 2: FX Design
  • Module 3: Writing the drop
  • Module 4: Mixing and loudness


Software Used In This Course & System Requirements

Software Used In This Course:

  • Ableton Live 10.1
  • Kick2
  • Serum
  • Trash 2
  • Fabfilter Pro q3
  • Freeclip

System Requirements:

  • Intel Mac with OS X 10.7 or later, 4 GB RAM
  • PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10. 4GB RAM