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34 Lead Synth Samples. A lead sound pack for perfect sounding melodies and hooklines. The multisamples are available in SF2, SXT and Reason Refill formats.


www.vipzone-samples.comLUCID DREAMER LEADS

Here is your lead sound for your next hookline

This sound pack contains 34 multisamples from the LUCID DREAMER Collection, with the lead sounds both in SF2 format and as refills with SXT files.

The demo was created with midi files from our midi packs and multisamples from this pack.
Furthermore the following was used for the production of the demo:

  1. Sequencer: Cubase SX
  2. Sampler: RGCAudio SFZ+
  3. Reverbs: Cubase Reverb A
  4. Delays: PSP-84 delay (with Tiny Modulation to reduce the Phase/Flange effect)

In this sound pack you will get perfect sounds for genres like dance, trance, hands up, hardstyle and more.

Pack Content:
34 multisamples in SF2 format (also downloadable as refill with SXT files) from the LUCID DREAMER Collection.

A sound pack for any style

The lead sounds in this pack can be used universally. Not only, but especially in all styles of electronic music. This Sound Collection will be an inspiration for you when recording your next idea and melody because of its varied sounds.

No matter which style is yours. Be it trance, hardstyle, EDM, trap, dance, hands up or pure techno. The right lead sound is just a few clicks away. And you’ll quickly notice the upgrade your tunes get with the right lead sound.

High quality is important to us

As with our other sound packs, such as the lead synth pack VIRUS LEADS, quality is our highest priority. And it’s no different with this Lead Sound Pack.

The goal is to make your melodies and hooklines sound fat and official. And this sound pack is supposed to be your solution.

And if you want to do it really fast, we provide you with professional dance midi samples, which you can turn into official melodies and hooklines in combination with this Lead Sound Pack.
In our program you will find a huge selection of exclusive midi samples for various dance music genres.

Limited Time Offer!

Over 520 Sounds including Basses, Leads and Pads plus Bonus wav Samples!


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RFL Reason Refill, SF2 Soundfont, SXT Reason


Dance, Electro, Gabber, Hands Up, Hardstyle, House, Techno, Trance



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