Hardstyle DJs - Masters of the Harder Music

Hardstyle DJs: Masters of the Harder Music Revolution

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Get ready to unleash your inner dance floor warrior because we’re diving into the electrifying world of Hardstyle DJs! These musical maestros are more than just mixmasters – they’re the architects of a sonic revolution. Curious? Hardstyle DJs await to fuel your beats-and-bass adventure!

Characteristics of Hardstyle Music

First things first. Hardstyle is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by hard percussion, a fast tempo, usually around 150 BPM (Beats Per Minute), and a stripped-down, raw sound, often combined with epic, cinematic motifs. It’s almost like someone took a club banger and fused it with the score from a thrilling movie.

Over the years, Hardstyle has grooved its way from the underground scenes to the forefront of electronic music festivals and dance charts, thanks to the vibrant community of fans and DJs who have amplified the genre worldwide.

Popularity and Growth of Hardstyle DJs

Hardstyle DJs are the maestro conductors of this energetic symphony. From playing at local gigs to dominating international music festivals, hardstyle DJs have grown exponentially in popularity since the genre’s inception. These are not just DJs; they’re trailblazers, reshaping the contours of electronic music by blending styles and experimenting with sound like never before.

Hardstyle DJ on Festival Stage
Hardstyle DJ on Festival Stage

History of Hardstyle Music

Early Beginnings

Like most great things in life, Hardstyle also had humble beginnings. The genre emerged in the early 2000s in the Netherlands. Inspired by gabber and hard trance, hardstyle music started as a fusion, a sub-genre, marked by hard beats and a sinister, dark tone.

Evolution and Subgenres

As time went on, Hardstyle evolved, branching into various subgenres. Euphoric hardstyle brought an uplifting and melody-driven character to the genre, while raw hardstyle accentuated the darker, harder side of the music. It’s this versatility and ability to continuously evolve that makes hardstyle such an exciting genre to explore.

Early Hardstyle DJs and Producers (all Dutch)

Among the early pioneers of hardstyle music, The Prophet, DJ Pavo, and Headhunterz hold venerable positions. They weren’t just spinning tracks, they were creating a movement, laying down the building blocks of a genre that would come to garner a worldwide fanbase.

The Prophet

The Prophet, a Dutch dynamo in the hardstyle universe. With a career spanning from the early ’90s, he’s not just a DJ – he’s a hardstyle architect. From euphoric melodies to raw beats, The Prophet’s music is a sonic journey that transcends time. Brace yourself for hard-hitting anthems and a musical voyage guided by The Prophet’s visionary beats. Let the hardstyle legend take you on a euphoric ride!

The Prophet
Real Name:Dov Elkabas
Years Active:Since the early 1990s
Style:Diverse, from euphoric to raw hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“One Moment,” “Caramba,” “LOUDER”
Influence:Pioneer in early hardstyle, shaping its diverse subgenres
Label Affiliation:Scantraxx, Q-Dance

DJ Pavo

DJ Pavo, hailing from the Netherlands, is the OG of hardstyle. Pavo is a maestro in the world of beats, crafting a sonic journey that feels like a fusion of past and future. With beats that resonate since the early 2000s, Pavo takes you on a nostalgic yet futuristic ride through hardstyle realms. A true pioneer, his music is the heartbeat of the genre, leaving crowds in awe. Get ready for a hardstyle experience that’s timeless and electrifying with DJ Pavo!

DJ Pavo
Real Name:Pim van der Hoeven
Years Active:Since the early 2000s
Style:Fusion of classic and futuristic hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Raven,” “Communicate,” “Elektronik”
Influence:Pioneer in shaping the early hardstyle sound
Label Affiliation:Q-Dance


Headhunterz, the Dutch wizard of hardstyle, invites you to a euphoric journey. Willem Rebergen, aka Headhunterz, has been shaping the genre since the early 2000s. His beats are a seamless blend of euphoria and energy, promising a sonic adventure that transcends boundaries. Get ready to lose yourself in the magnetic charisma of Headhunterz!

Real Name:Willem Rebergen
Years Active:Since the early 2000s
Style:Euphoric and versatile hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Dragonborn,” “Colors,” “Destiny”
Influence:Redefined the modern hardstyle sound
Label Affiliation:Art of Creation, HARD with STYLE, Scantraxx

International Hardstyle DJs and Producers

Although hardstyle originated in the Netherlands, its magnetic beats quickly crossed borders, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. Noteworthy DJs like Coone and Da Tweekaz have significantly impacted the global hardstyle scene. Their unique styles transcend borders, leaving an indelible mark on the genre and influencing a new wave of producers.


Coone, the Belgian powerhouse of hardstyle! Hailing from the land of waffles and surreal beats, Coone is a maestro crafting a unique blend of melodies and energy. With anthems that echo across borders, Coone is your ticket to a hardstyle experience that’s both thrilling and uplifting. Get ready to dance with the beat magician himself!

Real Name:Koen Bauweraerts
Years Active:Since the early 2000s
Style:Fusion of melody and energy in hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Words From The Gang,” “Drowning,” “Madness”
Influence:Pioneer in the Belgian hardstyle scene
Label Affiliation:Dirty Workz, Dim Mak

Da Tweekaz

Da Tweekaz, the dynamic duo from Norway, know how to turn hardstyle into a whimsical adventure. Kenth and Marcus bring a playful vibe to the beats, creating euphoric magic that resonates globally. Get ready for a musical journey filled with energy, humor, and unforgettable melodies with Da Tweekaz!

Da Tweekaz
Real Names:Kenth Kvien, Marcus Nordli
Years Active:Since the mid-2000s
Style:Euphoric and playful hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Wodka,” “Heroes,” “We Are Fighters”
Influence:Pioneers of energetic and humorous hardstyle
Label Affiliation:Dirty Workz, Electric Fox

More International Hardstyle Artists

The list of international Hardstyle DJs is far too long to even begin to mention them all. But I would like to mention the following DJs:

  • 3 The Hard Way (Trio, 2 Netherlands, 1 Poland)
  • Activator (Italy)
  • Adrenalize (Denmark)

Raw-Hardstyle Producers

Raw hardstyle producers are those brave sonic chefs who aren’t afraid to turn up the heat. They push the limits, creating music that’s heavy, dark, and at times, even dystopian. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but for those who dare, it’s an adrenaline-pumping journey that they wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Important DJs in raw hardstyle are:

  • Radical Redemption
  • E-Force
  • Warface
  • Delete
  • Act of Rage
  • Rebelion
  • Phuture Noize
  • D-Sturb
  • Digital Punk
  • Malice

These DJs are known for their fearless approach to hardstyle, crafting intense and raw beats that resonate with the genre’s hardcore enthusiasts.

Dutch Hardstyle Artists

There are many dutch hardstyle artists worth your sonic exploration: Brennan Heart, whose label – Visionary Records, is responsible for releasing some of the best hardstyle tracks out there, Frontliner, known for his high-energy anthems, and Wildstylez, popular for his melodic, euphoric style.

Brennan Heart

Brennan Heart, the heartbeat of hardstyle! Hailing from the Netherlands, his beats are a journey through euphoria and energy. Brennan Heart isn’t just a DJ; he’s a maestro shaping the genre. Get ready for an electrifying experience where every beat resonates with passion and power!

Brennan Heart
Real Name:Fabian Bohn
Years Active:Since the early 2000s
Style:Melodic and energetic hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Imaginary,” “Lose My Mind,” “F.I.F.O.”
Influence:Shaped the melodic side of modern hardstyle
Label Affiliation:WE R Music, Brennan Heart Music, Visionary Records

Brennan Heart’s Label – Visionary Records

The impact of Brennan Heart’s label, Visionary Records, on the hardstyle scene is nothing short of transformative. Under its umbrella, new talents have bloomed, and iconic tracks have been released. It’s a testament to Brennan Heart’s commitment to supporting the growth of the hardstyle community globally.

Visionary Records
Founder:Brennan Heart (Fabian Bohn)
Focus:Nurturing new talents and shaping the hardstyle landscape
Notable Artists:Sub Zero Project, Code Black, Dailucia
Notable Releases:“Imaginary,” “Be Here Now,” “Unbreakable”
Vision:Fostering innovation and excellence within the hardstyle community


Wildstylez, the Dutch maestro of hardstyle, is your passport to an electrifying musical journey. Joram Metekohy, the man behind Wildstylez, crafts beats that are both melodic and powerful. Brace yourself for a hardstyle experience that’s as dynamic and energetic as the artist behind it!

Real Name:Joram Metekohy
Years Active:Since the mid-2000s
Style:Melodic and powerful hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Lose Control,” “Timeless,” “Year of Summer”
Influence:Shaping the melodic side of contemporary hardstyle
Label Affiliation:Art of Creation, Lose Control Music

More Dutch Hardstyle DJs

The proportion of Dutch among the Hardstyle DJs is very high. Here are a few more names you should know.

  • 2-Sidez
  • A-lusion
  • Act of Rage
  • Adaro

American Hardstyle Artists

The United States has not been immune to the hardstyle fever, with several artists leaving their distinctive imprints on the genre. DJs like Lady Faith and Mekanikal are crucial contributors, harnessing the energy of hardstyle while infusing it with unique American influences.

Lady Faith

Lady Faith, the queen of hardstyle beats! Hailing from the USA, she’s a force to be reckoned with on the dance floor. Lady Faith crafts a sonic experience that’s fierce, energetic, and absolutely electrifying. Get ready for a hardstyle journey led by the powerhouse herself!

Lady Faith
Real Name:Faith Elouise Santos
Years Active:Since the early 2010s
Style:High-energy and fierce hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Moxie,” “Queen B,” “United As One”
Influence:Leading female figure in the hardstyle scene
Label Affiliation:Hard Dance Nation, Hardstyle Mafia


Mekanikal, the hardstyle wizard with a touch of American flair! Hailing from the USA, Mekanikal knows how to command the dance floor. His beats are a sonic rollercoaster, taking you on a wild ride through the world of energetic hardstyle. Get ready for an electrifying experience led by the maestro himself!

Real Name:Eric Mendosa
Years Active:Since the mid-2010s
Style:Energetic and dynamic hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“Pump The Jam,” “Mekanikal Mashup,” “Dance With Me”
Influence:Contributing to the American hardstyle scene
Label Affiliation:Gearbox Digital, Q-dance Records

More American Hardstyle Artists

There are many other American hardstyle DJs, of which I would like to mention the following:

  • Reactor
  • Sylence
  • Imperium

Rising Stars in Hardstyle Music

The future of hardstyle is bright, with a host of emerging artists pushing the boundaries of the genre. Artists like Sefa, with his Frenchcore-influenced hardstyle, and Sub Zero Project, known for their experimental sound, personify the progressive spirit of hardstyle music.


Sefa, the Frenchcore prodigy turned hardstyle virtuoso! Hailing from Netherlands, Sefa injects a unique energy into hardstyle, blending euphoria and intensity. His beats are a thrilling journey, promising an unforgettable dance floor experience. Get ready for Sefa’s dynamic fusion of Frenchcore and hardstyle that’s bound to leave you mesmerized!

Real Name:Sefa Jeroen Vlaarkamp
Years Active:Since the mid-2010s
Style:Fusion of Frenchcore and hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“In De Hemel,” “The Omega”
Influence:Pioneer in blending Frenchcore elements with hardstyle
Label Affiliation:Peacock Records, Masters of Hardcore, Q-dance Records

Sub Zero Project

Sub Zero Project, the Dutch duo redefining hardstyle’s boundaries! Crafting a blend of experimental and melodic beats, Sub Zero Project, consisting of Thomas and Nigel, takes you on an electrifying journey. Brace yourself for a unique fusion of energy and innovation that sets dance floors ablaze!

Sub Zero Project
Members:Thomas Velderman, Nigel Coppen
Years Active:Since the mid-2010s
Style:Experimental and melodic hardstyle
Notable Tracks:“The Contagion,” “The XPRMNT,” “Rave Into Space”
Influence:Pushing the boundaries of traditional hardstyle
Label Affiliation:Dirty Workz, Scantraxx Evolutionz

More Rising Hardstyle DJs

The list of up-and-coming hardstyle DJs can be extended. Keep an eye out for:

  • Adjuzt
  • Anderex
  • Luner
  • Riot Shift
  • Vasto

More about Hardstyle

Now that we’ve discussed some of the icons of hardstyle, I’d like to touch on a few more topics that might be of interest to hardstyle fans.

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In conclusion, the bubbling world of hardstyle music and DJs is a rich, intoxicating journey. It’s more than music; it’s a lifestyle, a community, a space where beats and heartbeats come together. Whether you’re a lover of electronic music or just beginning your exploration, hardstyle DJs are sure to get your energy flowing, your feet tapping, and your heart racing.

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What are the characteristics of hardstyle music?

Hardstyle is an energetic genre of electronic dance music characterized by its hard beats, fast tempo (around 150 BPM), and raw sound. It often combines epic, cinematic motifs, creating a unique fusion of intensity and melody.

Who are the pioneers of hardstyle?

Early pioneers of hardstyle include DJ Pavo, The Prophet, and Headhunterz. They laid the foundations, shaping the genre’s distinctive style and influencing the next generation of hardstyle artists.

How has hardstyle evolved over the years?

Hardstyle has evolved into various subgenres like euphoric and raw hardstyle, offering diverse sonic experiences. Its ability to blend styles and continuously innovate makes it an exciting and dynamic genre.

Which countries have embraced hardstyle?

While hardstyle originated in the Netherlands, it has found widespread popularity globally. Countries like France and the United States have embraced the genre, producing influential artists like Coone, Da Tweekaz, Lady Faith, and Mekanikal.

Who are the rising stars in hardstyle?

Sefa, with his Frenchcore-influenced hardstyle, and Sub Zero Project, known for their experimental sound, represent the rising stars pushing the boundaries of the genre. Their innovative approaches showcase the genre’s progressive spirit.