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Best Vocal Trance: The Pulsating Heartbeat of the Music Industry

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Ever found yourself lost in the hypnotic beats of the best vocal trance music? You’re not alone! This article is your backstage pass to the vibrant world of vocal trance, revealing the top tracks, artists, and magic behind this captivating genre. Stay tuned!


Vocal trance, a subgenre of trance music, is a symphony of pulsating beats and soul-stirring vocals. It’s a captivating blend of electronic rhythms and emotive lyrics, creating a unique soundscape that resonates with listeners around the world.

The importance of vocal trance cannot be overstated. It’s not just music, it’s an experience. It’s the soundtrack to unforgettable nights and the backdrop to moments of introspection.

Its popularity has skyrocketed over the years, with uplifting trance tracks dominating playlists and progressive trance artists headlining music festivals. The genre has also spawned female vocal trance, showcasing the power and versatility of female voices in the music industry.

Whether you’re a longtime fan or a curious newcomer, there’s no denying the allure of vocal trance at its best. It’s a genre that invites you to lose yourself in the rhythm, feel the music and be part of something bigger.

Understanding Vocal Trance

Vocal trance is a subgenre of trance music that combines electronic beats with sung vocals. It is a fusion of melody and rhythm, creating a soundscape that is both energetic and emotional.

One of the defining characteristics of vocal trance is its emphasis on vocals. Unlike other forms of trance, vocal trance features lyrics that are often deeply emotional or introspective. These lyrics are paired with a driving beat, creating a contrast that’s both powerful and poignant.

Another key feature is the use of build-ups and breakdowns. These elements create a sense of tension and release, adding to the emotional impact of the music.

The BPM range for vocal trance is typically between 128 and 140 beats per minute. This tempo gives the music its characteristic energy, driving the rhythm and keeping the listener on their feet.

Whether it’s the emotive lyrics, pulsating beats or dynamic structure, there’s something about vocal trance that captivates listeners. It’s a genre that invites you to feel the music, connect with the lyrics and lose yourself in the rhythm.

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Evolution of Vocal Trance

The history of vocal trance dates back to the early 1990s, when the trance genre was still in its infancy. It emerged as a subgenre that combined the hypnotic beats of trance with the emotional power of vocals.

One of the key moments in the development of vocal trance was the release of Robert Miles’ “Children” in 1995. This track, with its haunting piano melody and driving beat, set the stage for the rise of vocal trance.

Another pivotal moment was the emergence of female vocal trance in the late 1990s. Artists like Jan Johnston and Justine Suissa brought a new dimension to the genre, their voices adding a layer of emotion that resonated with listeners.

The genre continued to evolve in the 2000s, with uplifting trance and progressive trance tracks incorporating more complex structures and diverse influences. This period also saw the rise of trance classics, tracks that have stood the test of time and continue to define the genre.

Today, Vocal Trance is a vibrant and diverse genre, its evolution marked by innovation and a constant push for new boundaries. It’s a testament to the enduring appeal of this unique blend of rhythm and emotion.

Top Vocal Trance Tracks

The world of vocal trance is filled with mesmerizing tracks that have captivated listeners worldwide. Based on YouTube and Spotify playlists, here are some of the top tracks that define the genre.

“As The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle

Released in 2003, this track is a trance classic. Its haunting vocals and pulsating beats create an unforgettable soundscape.

“Concrete Angel” by Gareth Emery featuring Christina Novelli

This 2012 release is a testament to the power of uplifting trance. Novelli’s emotive vocals paired with Emery’s driving beats make for a compelling listen.

“Satellite” by OceanLab

A staple of progressive trance, this 2004 track features Justine Suissa’s ethereal vocals and a rhythm that’s both soothing and energizing.

“Fall To Pieces” by Jonas Steur featuring Jennifer Rene

This 2007 track is a prime example of the depth and emotion that female vocal trance can convey.

“Burned With Desire” by Armin van Buuren featuring Justine Suissa

Released in 2003, this track shows the synergy between a powerful vocal performance and a hypnotic trance beat.

“Running On Empty” by Richard Durand and Neev Kennedy

This 2019 release is a testament to the evolution of vocal trance, blending traditional elements with modern influences.

These tracks, among many others, showcase the diversity and depth of vocal trance. They’re a testament to the genre’s evolution, each a unique blend of rhythm, melody and emotion. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the genre, these tracks are a must-listen.

Vocal Trance Artists to Watch

The vocal trance scene is home to a plethora of talented artists, each bringing their own unique style to the genre. Here are a few notable artists to watch:

Gareth Emery

Known for his uplifting trance tracks, Emery’s music is a blend of soulful vocals and driving beats. His popular track “Concrete Angel” is a testament to his talent.

Armin van Buuren

A titan in the trance world, van Buuren’s tracks like “Burned With Desire” showcase his ability to create captivating vocal trance music.


This collaboration between trance producers Above & Beyond and vocalist Justine Suissa has produced trance classics like “Satellite”.


The duo of Gabriel & Dresden and vocalist Jes Brieden gave us “As The Rush Comes”, a track that continues to define vocal trance.

Richard Durand

Known for his progressive trance style, Durand’s tracks like “Running On Empty” show the evolution of vocal trance.

Jan Johnston

One of the pioneers of female vocal trance, Johnston’s emotive vocals have graced numerous tracks, making her a key figure in the genre.

These artists, among many others, continue to push the boundaries of vocal trance, creating music that resonates with listeners worldwide. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the genre, these artists are worth keeping an eye on.

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GenreSubgenre of trance music
Key CharacteristicsEmotive vocals, driving beats, BPM range of 128-140
Notable ArtistsGareth Emery, Armin van Buuren, OceanLab
Popular Tracks“As The Rush Comes” (Motorcycle), “Concrete Angel” (Gareth Emery), “Satellite” (OceanLab)
InfluenceImpacts other music genres, significant presence in music industry
FutureContinues to evolve with new artists and tracks, maintains strong global popularity
Key aspects of vocal trance

The Impact of Vocal Trance

The influence of vocal trance goes beyond its genre. Its influence is evident in other musical genres, with elements of uplifting trance and progressive trance finding their way into pop, rock, and even classical music.

The emotive lyrics and driving beats of vocal trance have inspired artists across genres, resulting in a fusion of styles that’s both innovative and captivating. It’s not uncommon to hear the pulsating rhythms of trance or the emotional vocals of female vocal trance in today’s chart-topping hits.

In the music industry, Vocal Trance plays an important role. It’s a genre that’s constantly evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in music. From the hypnotic beats of trance classics to the innovative sounds of modern tracks, vocal trance continues to shape the music landscape.

In addition, vocal trance has a strong presence at music festivals worldwide, with artists such as Armin van Buuren and Gareth Emery headlining events. Its popularity on YouTube and Spotify playlists is also a testament to its widespread appeal.

In essence, Vocal Trance is more than a genre; it’s a driving force in the music industry, influencing artists, shaping trends and captivating listeners worldwide.


In conclusion, vocal trance is a captivating genre that combines emotive vocals with pulsating beats. From its early beginnings to its current influence on the music industry, it continues to evolve and captivate listeners worldwide. As we look to the future, the rhythm of vocal trance continues to beat.


What is the best trance track of all time?

This is subjective, but “As The Rush Comes” by Motorcycle is often cited as a trance classic.

What is a trance vocal?

A trance vocal refers to the sung lyrics in a trance track, often emotional and central to vocal trance music.

What BPM is vocal trance?

Vocal trance typically falls within a BPM range of 128 to 140 beats per minute, which drives its energetic rhythm.

Does trance have vocals?

Yes, many trance tracks contain vocals. When vocals are a central element, it’s often called vocal trance.

Who are some notable vocal trance artists?

Artists such as Gareth Emery, Armin van Buuren and OceanLab have made significant contributions to vocal trance, creating memorable tracks that have defined the genre.