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Produce your music like a master with Synthmania XXL Synth Sounds. 30 Synth Multisamples (SF2, SXT, Reason Refill Format), including Bell Sounds plus 4 Bonus Multisamples.


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Master your music with Synthmania XXL Synth and Bell Sounds

Unique to VIPZONE, this pack contains 30 unique samples to help you build a memorable sound no matter what style you love. With bell sounds and more from the famous Nord Lead 3 synth, this pack of rich multisamples is ideal for dance, electro, gabber, hands up, hardstyle, house, techno, trance and more.

Incredible fat sounds that recreate the signature tones from some of the best, including Safri Duo, ATC, Barthezz, Eric Prydz and so many others. With these synth sounds you can create powerful leads that shine in the mix, recreating the magic of the Nord Lead 3 that shaped music as we know it today.

With bell sounds and more in easy-to-use SF2 and SXT formats, take your music to the next level

From the familiar club bell sound to techno beeps, this multisamples pack contains the highest quality synth sounds from some of the biggest club hits of all. Create fat leads that bring your tune to life, with so many fantastic samples in one pack, there are endless creative options for your next track.

If you want your track to be shaking the walls of clubs around the world and be part of sets from the best DJs, this multisamples mix of bell sounds and other Nord Lead 3 signature sounds is going to bring out the best from your music.

Whatever your platform of choice, these multisamples are easy to work with. Soundfont SFT and Reason/Reason Refill compatibility means that these synth sounds fit right into your workflow, enhancing your creativity and helping you to create that next underground hit.

Just drag the synth sound you want into your project or sampler and it’s ready to go.

A comprehensive set of synth sounds from the irreplaceable Nord Lead 3

With 30 synth sounds of the highest quality all recorded with Nord Lead 3 hardware, this pack has everything for your next track.
Also included are bonus multisamples recorded with other instruments for even more value!
34 multisamples in total each available in SF2, SXT and Reason Refill formats.

34 fat synth multisamples

This pack contains 30 synth multisamples from NORD LEAD 3 in unique quality.

As a bonus you will find more multisamples of other hardware synths in this pack.

We have created many new fat sounds. Also we have “recreated” some famous sounds from acts and producers like SAFRI DUO, ATC, BARTHEZZ, ERIK PRYDZ for you….

Fat LEADS with the typical sound character of the famous NORD LEAD 3 synth! Club Bells and Techno Beep Sounds in highest quality like from the biggest club hits!


Pack Content:
30 synth multisamples of the highest quality, recorded with Nord Lead 3 hardware.
+ some bonus multisamples recorded with other instruments

34 multisamples in total

SF2, SXT and Reason Refill

You need more lead sound material for your sampler? Then you will find many more fat lead sounds in our program.

Synthmania XXL SF2 Synth Sound Samples

34 fat Synth Multisamples.

We’ve created many new powerful sounds as well as re-created some sounds used by famous groups like Safri Duo, ATC, Barthezz, Erik Prydz and more…
These Leads are really fat with typical character of NL3 (Nord Lead 3). The Club Bells are probably best bells you’ve ever heard and the techno beeps sound like they came from the greatest club hits.
Remember that the quality of a hardware synth like Nord Lead 3 is top level. Listen to the demo to check this out!

High Quality Samples for genres like Dance, Trance, House…
Formats: SF2 and REASON REFILL

All production houses and individual producers aspire and dream of creating the most intriguing music. To give them all an avenue to create original, mind blowing and foot thumping club music we bring the Synthmania XXL samples pack.

Producing superior quality music is not by any means an easy task. You need the vital ingredients of years of commitment, hard work, rigorous training and complete devotement to establish recognition in this tight competitive industry. We are here to make matters easy for you. And in this sample pack we offer a chance of converting aspirations in to reality by leading you in the direction of best synths and beats, you will ever come across.

Sound like the big producers

The sample pack house a collection of synths multisamples with new and old renditions of prolific composers like ATC, Safari Duo, Erik Prydz and others. These samples are focused on the trance, dance club genres. With fat leads and synth sounds integrated in two high quality formats of Reason Refill and SF2 multisamples. The quality techno beeps, soothing club bell sounds and fat leads are the highlights of this trance and dance sample pack.

30 top notch Nord Lead 3 synth sound multisamples
4 Bonus Multi Samples
Format: SF2 Multi Samples + Reason refill

The synth sounds are optimized for clarity with its typical NL3 character. Producers of dance, trance and house music can enjoy broader scale benefits from the 30 synth multisamples and bonus synths like bell sounds.

All in all this sample pack is packed to the brim with 34 unbridled fun sounds. The acoustic instruments in this collection are unmatched by any other sample pack you will encounter. The Synthmania is your perfect chance to making raving products from quality synths, sounds, leads and bells.

You can be a beginner or a pro to making trance or dance music. This pack will be your beacon to guide you in scaling to the very top of the charts.

If you are in need of samples to meet the exacting standards of a pro. There is nothing better than the authentic multisamples in the Synthmania XXL. For beginners this is chance of a lifetime to make headway in becoming a pro. And establishing as a producer of great caliber in the trance and dance genres. Grab your collection today!

Limited Time Offer!

Over 520 Sounds including Basses, Leads and Pads plus Bonus wav Samples!


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RFL Reason Refill, SF2 Soundfont, SXT Reason


Dance, Electro, Gabber, Hands Up, Hardstyle, House, Techno, Trance



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