Kate Lesing Vocals Vol. 2 – License Agreement

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After the purchase of this sample pack, the buyer can exploit the vocals included therein on a non-exclusive basis.
Only the purchase of this sample pack entitles the buyer to obtain the non-exclusive rights to use the vocals included according to the following terms and conditions: The buyer cannot authorise third parties to exploit purchased non-exclusive rights in productions – only the buyer of this pack himself obtains the non-exclusive rights to use the acappella vocals included for his own productions and exploit them commercially by means of sound-carriers, legal downloads etc.

The midi melodies included in this sample pack are intended to serve for inspirational purposes for the arrangement of the obtained vocals and can be used in conjunction with them for productions. The license terms and conditions stated in §1. also apply for the midi melodies.

For any commercial release (on physical sound-carriers, legal downloads or any other kind of media) the credits, label copy and registration with royalty collecting societies (e.g. GEMA,) the following author has to be explicitly stated as sole lyricist:

Michael Teuber (verlagsfrei – Copyright Control)
GEMA Nr. 00099000

No further license costs have to be paid to licensor (VIPZONE Samples).

Every commercial release (audio-visual media, cd, vinyl, legal downloads etc.) has to be reported to licensor VIPZONE Samples (www.vipzone-samples.com) before the date of release.