This is an essential of Trance Pads.
25 top quality multi samples (over 15 MB each) recorded using top 24bit/192 kHz converters and the latest Virus and Nord Lead 3 (the greatest synth-pad hardware machines on the world).

Enter the amazing world of world's most powerful deep trance pads. Enjoy!

Sample Pack Content

Monster Trance Pads SF2 Samples

  • 25 Synth Multi samples for perfect Trance Pads Sounds
  • Formats: SF2, SXT and REASON REFILL

We bring you the monster trance pad powerful sample pack to give you the most amazing experience in using unique and creative sf2 multisamples guaranteed to impress your audiences and make them have the most fantastic time of their lives. If you are desperately searching for a samples pack that has everything from giving you creative, sassy, all powerful monstrous beats stop right is your tracks now and see what we have on offer for making the very best monster trance and dance pads you will ever see.
The monster pads are an impressive collections of trance pads yielding to music genres of trance, dance, hands up or hardstyle. We understand your quest for thrilling and tremor filled music. With this exclusive samples offer you are entitled to enjoy the following perks.

25 top notch Synth Sounds for perfect Trance Pads

With 15mb in each sample.
Recorded using top quality converters in 24bit and 192kHz.

Format: SF2 Multi samples with SXT and additional reason refill

The benefits are galore and what you can accomplish with this all inclusive and powerful monster pad collection will be limitless if you take in to consideration the 25 top rated samples pack with 15mb maximum space for each multisamples, leads, sounds and synths recorded to the highest quality in 24bit/192kHz and the most sought after tool for synth padware in the entire world the Virus and Nord Lead 3 (NL3) technology and powerful converters. All these combine to give you the ultimate music extravaganza in producing deep sounding trance pads to mix with your eurodance, trance, dance and hardstyle genre outputs.

The sounds are stored in the format of SF2, SXT and reason refill. If you are the quality conscious producer, you will instantly identify with the rate of quality in this world class samples product. For those who like to add a touch of melodrama and spice it up with a little craziness, this is the ideal sample pack with its ability to be combined with other hooks and leads from VIPZONE SAMPLES.

Get yourself noted by creating powerful trance pads and enjoy the thrilling impact your productions will have on your audience. Only the sky can be your limit with this all powerful monster pads samples collection we give you.