We present a new collection of Electro Bass multi samples.
This pack contains a versatile collection of 82 bass multi samples for Electro, Electro-House, House and other electronic genres.
WAV files for each bass multi sample are also included.

Enjoy our top Electro Basses...

Sample Pack Content

Electro Basses SF2 Samples

  • 82 Electro Basses in SF2 Multi Samples Format
  • additional WAV Files

With Electro basses samples we bring you inspiration and a remedy for getting rid of all your music making frustrations. If you are plagued with worries about getting ahead in your music compositions, here is a great samples pack to make a dramatic change in your normal pattern. Let your listeners know you for your true power and versatile skills by utilizing the electro basses samples pack we have put together just for your benefit. This is our contribution to those music makers out there who are aiming to expand their music making talents to the very pinnacle of limits. Explode the club music scene with magical creations included in a sf2 multi samples pack that has the following dynamic features:

82 Electro Bass Samples (SF2 format) plus additional WAV samples.

We give you the freedom to produce your own heart thumping music by playing sequences and melodies with our high quality bass sounds. Now is your chance to forget all your disturbances and frustrations and get cracking with a quality electro basses samples pack that gives you individual SF2 files sorted for each key in a minimum of five octaves plus additional Wav files.
The 82 low SF2 multisamples formatted pack is suitable for multi genres of music from electro, electro house and any other electronic genres. It yields perfect flexibility of any manner for creating optimum music comprising modern electro basses.

A quality product like the electro basses will achieve desired sounds. The quality of sounds you derive from this samples pack will bring your productions to the next level. Formatted to superior quality SF2 multisamples this is your sample pack that will help you in creating mesmerizing music with the most original basses that has come from you. We give you crystal clear clarity and a chance to produce heart thumping music to turn your listeners in to your greatest fans. There is no time to ponder, get cracking on your way to busting the charts with the Electro basses sample pack today.