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Samples for your Electro music productions.


For those who like funk sampling, electro samples are a good means to achieve the combination of a groovy bass line, cool synthesizer riffs and the driving drum machine beats, which is what electro beats are based on. VIPZONE SAMPLES provides musicians with science fiction sounds that are smashing. When it comes to electro, you can find electro vocals that sound robotic. You can also find instrumentations that include distortion, reverb, delay, chorus and phase.

Loops and Vocals

By using electro loops, you have the ability to produce tracks that can be played in parties and clubs. Electro samples usually do not contain vocals and but it is possible to find elector vocals at VIPZONE. These vocals are primarily made through a technique known as vocoding and it involves a lot of electronic distortion. It is possible to base the tracks that you have made of this rhythmic synthesis and you can find that it is an ideal approach towards creating music.

Kicks, Drums and Midis

Computers are now able to compose electronic music instead of following the traditional method of using drum machines. The electro midis that you can find at our site are made up of patterns that include and syncopated kick drum, emulated break beats and a clap that accents the down beats. It is likely that you are searching for something that is more humanized instead of being mechanical. If this is the case, you can use the electro melodies that we have and they come with break beats instead of just drum beats. This makes your composition to be more of a live performance.

The other thing that will interest you is our electro hooks synthesizers that make sound effects that are heavily fictional and more futuristic. This effect is produced through chorus, delays, phasers and reverbs. People in rave parties and clubs can indulge in electro hooklines. Although you may just be enthusiastic to music, a number of the super sonic electro samples found at VIPZONE will hook you to the funky feel that they have to offer.

You can choose to mix these electro samples to the music that you have created or use them as background music that will be very appealing for a party. You will not fail to find what you are looking for with the electro samples that we have to offer.